Andreas & The Wolf

Radio Show October 2021

They’re back with no rhyme or reason to the date! But at least it’s earlier this month! We seem a little jaded, but are (hopefully) still spilling some ‘newies’, some ‘rares’ and some classics… but don’t believe us, see what you reckon!

Biting on my Lip – The Scratch
Red Flag – Number
Now it’s dark – Rogue Sector
Requiem – Killing Joke
Blah Blah Blah – Iggy Pop
Time Time Time – Lone Lady
Abuser (Pete Jones remix) – Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
Hot Disco – MadMadMad
Canonball – The Breeders
Getting things done – The Astronauts
All I want for Christmas is the dukla prague away kit – Half Man Half Biscuit
Flashback – Danielle Dax
Nowhere Land – She Made Me Do It
Vince Taylor – Adam Ant
After Dark – International Teachers of Pop
Rapture of your design – Flash Fiction
On The Beach – Comsat Angels
Your own little Kingdom of cool – Faction Structure

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    Andreas & The Wolf Radio Show October 2021

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