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OUT NOW – In the Club 44 – July 2020

Welcome to the Summer edition of In the Club Mag as we reach 44 issues!

Last time we spoke, there was a loo roll crisis! Since then all hell has broken loose as I’m sure you’re all aware?!?!… as ever we at Perfect Pop will stick to what we know best to talk about… er, and that’s not a lot more than music and supporting the bands, shops and artists we admire!…

So here goes… with the dearth of anything approaching ‘gig like’, we’ve done a bit of ferreting around to find some alternatives for your lockdown pleasure… A serious lack of TC action has resulted in little more than a Monday zoom where our rehearsals once were and most members of the band resorting to the oh so 70s hobby of making Airfix aeroplanes… (not I hasten to add, I was always more Subbuteo, but with it locked down at my mums)…

This months issue features… News and pics of the Andreas & The Wolf – Fountain of Truth Album. There’s a Pete Jones & Leigh Heggarty – collab single between ex PIL bass man Pete & Ruts DC guitarist Leigh. The Minx’s Diary is back packed with discipline, sound advice & loads of Cowbell. She Made Me Do It and Scant Regard’s new releases…

Who’s In the Club – this month it’s Sarah Garrod, front Woman in Alt Rockers Zara. Then there’s The Fab new ‘STARMAN’ comic book by Paul B Rainey and Lee Scriven about the life of Freddie Burretti – ‘The Man Who Sewed The World’.

Dislocated Flowers have a NEW ALBUM, we also feature a NEW BAND (to us) – MUR MAN with their ‘Black Rebels’ meet ‘Supergrass’ new single Panama. Manilla PR are back with updated news on Le Fil, Matineé, Naomi Suzuki, Justin Adams & Fletchers Farm Fest!

We are also rather delighted to have the return of Empire Records and how they have coped with the lockdown nightmare. Then there’s a feature on Reading punks Who KIlled Nancy Johnson and their new (debut) album I SEE SIX. We have a new single by the Mattie Anderson Band called The Grind Makes The Man. Of course we also have The Parsons Knows back this time with a lockdown interview special that also features an article from Paul Eccentric – The End of the World as we know it!

Finally, please keeping listening to the Andreas & The Wolf Radio show, please pre-order the vinyl. Please share this mag and get your friends to subscribe, keep sharing it and our social posts and those of all of your locked down bands and artists who still remain in suspended animation! As you can see, we’ve not scrimped on content despite all of the restrictions, so without any further ado we suggest you dive in! Be safe and hopefully see you in the flesh, by the next mag in the autumn?!? All at the PPCO xx

“And now… without any further faffing, get yer click on!”

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