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“From its first breath there is a healthy mix of nostalgia and bold uniqueness about the album’s sound. It is an enticement which is teasingly difficult to pin down but let us give a possible hint by saying the imagining of a fusion of Television Personalities, Subway Sect, and Fad Gadget with maybe the garage instincts of The Clean for further spicing gives a taste of what delights Fountain Of Truth shares.”

Ringmaster Album Review – Fountain of Truth

Andreas & The Wolf began DJing as a team on Recharged Radio’s ‘Sound of the Suburbs’ show and then moved onto The Tuesday Club’s – ‘Club Foot’ podcast, but when the this ended in 2015, it seemed the duo’s radio days were over… Before this Andreas & The Wolf had been partners in crime for many many full moons as musicians. In bands: The Scratch, The Dodo, The Bleeed, Reverse Family & The Tuesday Club, (Where these personas were honed).

As 2018 dawned they decided it was time to crank up the turntable and get their own radio show, as a chance to let the world hear their sizeable back catalogue which they have continued to do to this day…On a band footing, after a brief parting when the BWolf left the Tuesday Club they decided to augment the radio show with their own fully fledged ‘Alt Electronica’ duo. Their debut EP release – Fashion Wheel was released in April (2020), with an album Fountain of Truth that soon followed, plus a further single All I want is you. During lockdown the duo decided that once freedom arrived they would like to take the act live and so enlisted fellow Perfect Pop Co legend Dave Beans on guitar and vocalist Tiggy Pop to expand the sound.

The lead track from The Fashion Wheel EP
Single of the week – Radio Woking, March 23rd 2020
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The Andreas and The Wolf radio show isn’t just an excuse to plunder their own musical heritage though, this eclectic ‘podcast’ comes interspersed with tracks by established artists that have influenced them , but also tracks by fellow DIYers and underground mavericks! Check out the last 3 years shows here… If you love ‘Indie’, ‘Indie Dance’, ‘New Wave’, ‘Post Punk’, ‘Old School Punk’, ‘Vinyl’ and discovering ‘NEW music’, the Andreas and The Wolf Radio Show has to be the show for you!